Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina Disaster Relief Day Today

Today is the Kartina Disaster Relief Day in the Blogosphere, and while I have few, if any, readers, I want to encourage everyone to make a donation today. I am choosing the Salvation Army and the Red Cross for my donations.

Even if you have already donated, please make another if you possibly can. It looks as if we Americans are "on our own", for the most part. We have the will, resourcefulness and resources necessary to accomplish great things, but it will take a long time to recover from this disaster.

I believe there will be challenges beyond anything we can imagine right now, but one simple thing we can do today is donate money to help in the initial relief efforts. There is overwhelming need, and we must meet it with an overwhelming outpouring of money, prayers, and willingness to do whatever we can to help.This morning I learned that dear family friends, whose home is right up against Lake Ponchatrain in the area where the levee broke, are safe in Houston, where they are staying with relatives! Not all are so fortunate, so I really encourage a generous donation to the Salvation Army and/or the Red Cross today.