Monday, May 23, 2005


I have not been blogging lately for two major reasons: 1.)various deaths in family and need to do stuff about that, and all the various feelings, etc. and 2.) no one reads my blogs anyway, so I didn't think I'd be missed.

Tonight I have to blog to blow off some steam-- because I am really furious at a number of spineless worms who call themselves Republican Senators, and most especially at the proverbial snake-in-the-grass, John McCain. I have already written numerous emails pledging lack-of-support, but I'm still mad.

I have read blogs trying to say this is a good thing, drawing the Democrats in (kind of like Brer Rabbit and the Briar Patch), but I don't think so-- I think the Republicans are the ones who have been suckered.

As Captain Ed said at Captain's Quarters, "The net effect is that an even smaller minority in the Senate has hijacked the confirmation process than we saw during the filibusters -- and like all tyrannies, we can only hope for benevolent despotism rather than disaster.

And we can thank Bill Frist for his lack of leadership and resolve for taking a majority and turning it into a minority."

I was immediately suspicious when I heard references to "trust" during the news conference announcing the "compromise". Next was the announcement that only three up-or-down votes would be guaranteed as part of the "compromise". My son thought I was crazed when he heard me moaning and yelling (at the t.v.) "No.... No!!!!! What idiots!!!! They're getting nothing!!!!" as the details were announced. That was my first, visceral reaction, and I think it will be proved true (though I hope not).

I know I won't give any money or other support to McCain, ever, and I don't plan to support the Republican Senatorial or Congressional fundraising efforts unless and until the Republicans repeal or drastically modify the McCain-Feingold bill's provisions which cripple the common people's ability to speak out during election campaigns.