Saturday, January 29, 2005

It's Morning in Iraq

It is now 10 p.m central time, 11 p.m. eastern time, and officially "voting time" in Iraq-- the polls are open. My prayers and best wishes are with those Iraqis brave enough to turn out and vote today.

In the United States, Hugh Hewitt and Radioblogger were in San Diego yesterday, and spoke with some of those Iraqi ex-patriots who were voting at the only Iraqi election site west of the Mississippi. There are wonderful photos posted at Radioblogger. The "photo of the day" is at Powerline, of 70-year old Mehshin Imgoter, a 70 year old man who was overcome by emotion after voting because his son, killed by Saddam's forces during the 1990-91 Shiite uprising, was not able to see this day and vote.

Mudville Gazette, Iraq the Model, and Friends of Democracy will be reporting on the voting, just as they have been reporting on the news leading up to the election. They will be good sources of "real" information, from those in Iraq, in real-time. Reading their blogs, one realizes that while many in Iraq are not thrilled to have the U.S. Military in their country, these same people seem to realize that voting is important and the only way forward to having control over their own country. They seem to have pride in their country and hope, for the first time, that their voices will be heard and will be important. They seem to think that Iraqis will be brave enough to claim their country from the insurgents and make it their own.

I get so angry when Democrats say there are "not enough" Iraqi Police or Iraqi National Guardsmen or Army being trained, when they know as well as anyone that these Iraqis have been targeted and killed in great number! The insurgents have killed them at graduation ceremonies, returning from maneuvers, at police stations, etc., and the Democrats act as if those brave and patriotic Iraqis never existed-- as if they shouldn't be counted.

We will have to wait and see what happens in the future, but I will keep those voting on this historic day in my thoughts and prayers, as well as our brave troops doing their best to protect the voters and voting process. May God bless them all.