Sunday, January 30, 2005

A Historic Day Today, and a Silly Day Tomorrow

Today was a wonderful day, as we saw the pictures and videos of Iraqis, in great numbers, who went and voted despite threats of violence against them. It was emotional and moving to see how much this meant to them, and how brave and hopeful and happy they were on voting day.

Tomorrow will be a very silly day: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. I was not aware of "Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day" until I read an article in the Austin American-Statesman on Friday, but it seems that tomorrow, January 31, is the day. It was started in 2001 by WVNI FM Radio Station "Spirit 95", in Bloomington, Indiana. Tomorrow the station plans to hold the "1st Annual Bubblympiad", but I have no idea what the Bubblympiad will entail.

The Sealed Air Corporation, which makes Bubble Wrap (registered trademark, but I don't know how to type the little-r-in-a-circle), has a page on the website about Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, too. Bubble Wrap in various colors is the focus at this website, which is also appreciating the product, but the most fun Bubble Wrap webite is the Virtual Bubble Wrap site, where you can pop "virtual Bubble Wrap", and listen to the realistic Bubble-Wrap-being-popped sounds! It's oddly satisfying and addictive-- almost like real Bubble Wrap. It's a Shockwave Flash online game, and there is a link to download free Macromedia Flash Player, if you need it.

So, while the Iraqis are concerned with trying to make a safe and free country for their children and grandchildren, some in our great country are only concerned with political posturing and pontificating, in ways that are about as useful and meaningful as popping Bubble Wrap. My prediction: Look for the release of lots of air tomorrow, from Bubble Wrap and from politicians.

Update: Read Captain Ed's post. We don't even have to wait until tomorrow!