Monday, January 24, 2005

Didn't Democrats Ever Listen to Their Mothers?

"Don't cut off your nose to spite your face" and "Sit down and be quiet-- you are making a spectacle of yourself" are two things mothers commonly say to their children. Because I'm a mother, the recent shenanigans and pontifications by Democrats in Congress have brought to mind these two Momisms. I can't quite decide whether these Democrats never listened to their mothers or whether they never grew up.

Captain Ed made the point brilliantly, when he said, "It's reminiscent of the line from Animal House, when Otter says, 'I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part.' Bluto answers, 'We're just the guys to do it.' The Democrats have become the party of stupid and useless gestures."

Some of these "stupid and useless gestures" are somewhat amusing to watch, like the temper-tantrums of two-year-olds, but these Democrats seem oblivious as toddlers to fact that they are, at the very least, embarrassing themselves. They do not seem to realize, or don't care, that there could be other, more serious consequences from their temper-tantrums, acting-out, and cheap shots for political advantage. Around the world, others are watching and reading reports of their antics in our MSM, and some are trying to undermine our national will, interests and safety, while this bunch of buffoons repeatedly show themselves to be self-centered, long-winded, short-sighted and completely unconcerned about facing the challenges which lie ahead for our country with any sort of seriousness and national unity. I thank God the "grown-ups" are in charge in this administration.

The "stupid and useless gesture" of delaying the confirmation of Condoleeza Rice made it impossible for her to attend the inauguration of Viktor Yushchenko in Ukraine as Secretary of State. Even Dianne Finestein, Barbara Boxer's co-Senator from California, and a Democrat, seems to be aware of this downside, because she said on Fox News Sunday, "I happen to strongly support Condoleezza Rice. I don't want to see her diminished in the eyes of the world. I want to see her confirmed. She will be." (emphasis mine).

In my opinion, "stupid and useless gestures" by the Democrats and the MSM, working together, can undermine our effectiveness in fighting the global war on terror. Spreading "leaked" or sensitive information, publicizing specific war strategies and plans, highlighting and defining our weaknesses, criticizing and diminishing our President in the eyes of the world (to borrow Finestein's phrase) are definitely not helpful and might endanger our country and our troops.

Opposition to Social Security reform is another example of Democrat "stupid gestures", but I don't know how useless it will be. Colin McNickle, in an op-ed titled Lies, smears, ignorance & weakness, wrote, "President Bush's plan to reform Social Security is doomed to failure. You can smell it in the wind. If the massive disinformation campaign being waged by political, academic and media liberals doesn't kill it, then the many invertebrate weasels who pass for conservatives and Republicans these days surely will." Here is a visual illustrating the "stupid gestures" the Democrats are using to avoid any serious discussion of the need to make changes in Social Security. Aren't these little Democrats just a barrel of fun?

Unfortunately, I don't find them very amusing.

Update: Captain Ed comments on the "temper tantrums" too. Excellent post at Captain's Quarters.