Wednesday, January 12, 2005

CQ's "World Relief Day" on January 12th

Update 1/12/05: Today is the big day! "World Relief Day" donations have been very generous, far surpassing the original $5,000 goal. Check the current total, and please make a donation, if you haven't already. Many thanks to all who have donated.

Update 1/6/05: Check this slideshow from World Vision with photos of their relief efforts so far.

Original post 1/1/05: Captain Ed, of Captain's Quarters, has declared January 12th "World Relief Day" in the Blogosphere, and he challenges us all to donate the amount of our take-home pay for January 12th (one day's take-home pay) to World Vision Asia Tsunami Relief. I have already donated to World Vision, and I encourage everyone to do so. Captain Ed is providing a link for donations, and you may donate in advance of January 12th, or on the day itself. One day's take-home pay is just a suggestion, because all donations-- as much or as little as you can afford-- will be of great help!

Update 1/3/05: Thanks so much, Captain Ed, for linking to my humble blog, and welcome to any new visitors. While we are now focused on helping with disaster relief, please don't forget to support our troops! Please feel free to look around (here's a link to the main page), or at my other blog, "Hookahi Hoku".