Monday, December 27, 2004

Operation Hero Miles

An easy way to support our troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan: donate your unused frequent flyer miles through "Operation Hero Miles". If you are like me, you have extra unused airline miles in at least one account! This program needs donations of airline miles from Delta, Northwest, and Southwest Airlines.

American, Independence, Pan-Am and US Airways are also participating, but are not accepting donation of airline miles. They are providing flights free of charge to soldiers and their families through this program.

Read about this program at the website, and donate your miles through their links to Delta, Northwest and Southwest Airlines.

Do you really need to save them for that ticket you may not be able to use? Do you have miles which will expire before your next vacation? Help a soldier attend a family funeral, or the birth of a child, help a soldier's family fly to the bedside of their loved one, in a military hospital far from home.

Operation Hero Miles is in partnership with Fisher House Foundation, which provides a place for families of wounded servicemen and women to stay while their loved ones are hospitalized (a link to Fisher House is provided on the website, click to learn more).