Sunday, December 05, 2004

A New Name and Address

Yippee!!! The Minnesota Master of the Horse, Warden of the Collegiate Peaks, and State Sommelier of California, the great Hugh Hewitt has honored my humble blog!

Mr. Hewitt, in his capacity as "official right-wing talk radio blogger star registry", said: "Ka Ho'okahi Hoku has successfully petitioned for Equualus. (Maybe the blog will change its name to something that can be remembered.)"

This humble blog is thrilled and honored to be a small and insignificant constellation among all the constellations of the right-wing blogosphere! Taking Mr. Hewitt's suggestion, my blog now has a new name and a new URL, which may be more easily remembered.

The previous incarnation of my blog, called Ka Ho'okahi Hoku (which means The Lone Star in Hawaiian) may be viewed here. I chose the new name, "The One Star Blog", because none of the variations of "lone star" I could think of were available for the URL, and, also, because mine is a rather insignificant little blog (as in a one-star rating).