Thursday, December 30, 2004

"Congressional Oversight" THIS, Senator Boxer!

Texas Tech over Cal 45-31!!!

Upset because her favorite team was not chosen for the Rose Bowl, Senator Barbara Boxer of California wrote, on December 10, 2004, to Kevin L. Weiberg, of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS), whining and threatening the BCS with "Congressional oversight" by the Senate Commerce Committee (on which she serves). Read the whole letter, which is posted on her website.

Senator Boxer was upset because "THE University" (University of Texas at Austin) was chosen over University of California at Berkeley to play in the Rose Bowl, and now she may begin to understand why! I remind Senator Boxer that University of Texas beat Texas Tech (yes, the same Texas Tech which just pulverized Cal tonight in the Holiday Bowl) this year by 30 points!

I was going to send Senator Boxer a nice e-card, just to cheer her up tonight, but she doesn't give her email address on the website. (You have to use a special form on her site, where it is clearly stated she only replies to people from California).

Remember, Senator Boxer: "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You"---Hook 'Em Horns!